Some simple ideas for homeowners to consider when staging homes for sale.

Ten Home Staging Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share a little information I thought you would find helpful. After all, my goal is to help clients sell their homes as quickly as possible, at the best price possible!

One of the tricks-of-the-trade used before showing a home is “staging". Good staging looks at every feature of a home and finds ways to show it off to its finest advantage. Whether your home is already picture-perfect or needs a bit of sprucing up, these staging tips, taken directly from decorating professionals, are worth considering.

      1. Create the illusion of space by rearranging the furniture. Try different combinations or remove and store pieces that make it feel crowded.

      2. Arrange the furniture in living areas into intimate groupings that suggest entertaining and ideal conversational settings.

      3. Consider rental furniture, especially when the pieces you have don't match, are badly worn, or are in any state of disrepair.

      4. Add decorative pillows and slipcovers in warm neutral tones to hide flaws and make pieces blend.

      5. Eliminate clutter. Store or get rid of appliances, gadgets, newspapers, mail or anything that takes up space or distracts attention.

      6. De-personalise your home so buyers can imagine living in it. Store pictures, awards, trophies, trinkets, and other personal keepsakes.

      7. Paint walls in inviting neutral colors to cover flaws and freshen rooms.

      8. Add small luxurious touches to bathrooms and bedrooms. Think plush towels, fresh flowers, high-end bed linens, and pretty bath soaps.

      9. Eliminate unpleasant odours and smells that can kill a sale. Fragrant candles, plug-ins, and home sprays can help, but nothing smells better than clean.

      10. Plants add an aura of softness and warmth to any room. Large or small, real or silk-they're a favorite of professional stagers.

      A bonus tip! Don't just decorate for the sake of it. Smart decorating can be used to highlight key features of your home while drawing attention away from any lesser spaces. If it's a scorching hot summer day in Maitland and you're lucky enough to have a pool, try laying out some bright beach towels. Place a glass jug of cordial with glasses and straws in the outdoor area.

    Be mindful that home inspections are very quick and potential buyers may have already looked at a dozen other houses that morning. Home staging helps potential buyers to understand your property better while making a great first impression.

    If you're interested in styling your home for sale, Maitland Real Estate Agents has access to professional home styling services that can assist you.

    troy white: maitland real estate agent
    Troy White
    Principal & Licensed Real Estate Agent